Training for Designers & Developers

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CDA training videos

Learn more about digital accessibility by watching one of the training videos created by the CDA. Contact us to schedule a meeting or request custom training.

Accessibility for Designers and Developers (19:36)
In this 20-minute session, Thalia Kapica from the CDA discusses the importance of incorporating accessibility principles into the design and development of websites and applications.

Intro to Accessible HTML (21:10)
In this 21-minute session, Thalia Kapica from the CDA leads a technical discussion with code examples illustrating how to make your website’s HTML more accessible to people with disabilities.

Introduction to ARIA (39:21)
In this 40-minute session, Jack Auses from the CDA gives an introduction for developers on properly using ARIA to enhance web accessibility.

Deque Bootcamp videos

Learn about various digital accessibility topics in these bootcamp videos created by Deque Systems for the UChicago community.

Accessible Forms (51:37)
This video for web developers includes key concepts for creating accessible forms including labels, best practices for form instructions, validation and feedback. See how screen reader technology interacts with forms, and learn critical manual testing techniques.

Semantic Structure (54:05)
This video will help web developers understand and test proper semantic document structure. See how screen reader technology relies on semantic structure and learn five quick manual tests plus additional techniques that go beyond the basics.

LinkedIn Learning courses

Accessibility for Web Design
Internationally recognized accessibility expert Derek Featherstone walks through examples of common web interaction flows, and then steps through considerations and tactical strategies for each component, to assure that people with disabilities can easily complete those tasks.

UX Foundations: Accessibility Online Class
In this course, you’ll learn how accessibility lowers the barrier to entry, by providing equal access and opportunity to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. Derek Featherstone introduces the core concepts of accessibility as they apply to UX design, including an overview of the assistive technology visitors may use to access your projects.