Training for Content Creators

The following courses are available to the UChicago community. You must log in with your CNet ID to gain access.

CDA training videos

Learn more about digital accessibility by watching one of the training videos created by the CDA. Contact us to schedule a meeting or request custom training.

Intro to Digital Accessibility for Content Creators (21:40)
In this 21-minute session, Emily Baker from the CDA covers best practices for creating accessible digital content such as web pages, documents, and multimedia.

Live Captioning in Zoom Class Meetings (19:17)
In this 19-minute session, Emily Baker from the CDA gives provides an overview of how to use live captioning when teaching a class via Zoom.

Creating Accessible Social Media (19:10)
Learn to create social media posts that are “born accessible.” Presentation includes best practices for reaching the widest audience.
PowerPoint slide deck

GAAD sessions

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), focuses on digital equality for the one billion people in the world living with a disability. Each year the CDA celebrates GAAD by hosting a series of virtual sessions for the University of Chicago community.

GAAD 2023

The Center for Digital Accessibility celebrated GAAD 2023 throughout the month of May with a series of virtual sessions and activities on creating accessible web content, course materials, and multimedia.

Creating Accessible Tables (47:04)
Learn about guidelines and techniques for creating accessible simple and complex data tables.

Writing Meaningful Alternative Text (43:12)
Learn about the importance and complexities of writing meaningful alternative text for images.

Understanding Color and Contrast in Accessibility (58:09)
Learn about the use of color and contrast, and how to test it for recommended guidelines.

Best Practices for Closed Captioning and Audio Description (33:13)
Learn about best practices for captions and audio description, whether you choose to edit them in-house or outsource them to a vendor.

Intro to Equidox PDF Remediation Tool (56:27)
See a brief overview of the Equidox PDF remediation tool, including alt text functionality and how to create accessible tables.

Using the Canvas Accessibility Checker (29:37)
Learn how to use the built-in accessibility checker to create accessible courses using the Rich Content Editor in Canvas.

LinkedIn Learning courses

Creating Accessible PDFs
In this course, instructor Chad Chelius explains why accessibility is important and what features an accessible PDF should include, before showing you how to make an existing PDF file accessible using tools in Adobe Acrobat.

Advanced Accessible PDFs
In this course, instructor Chad Chelius outlines techniques that can help you manage complex layouts and add advanced features like PDF forms, PDF/UA compliance, and complex tables, while keeping PDFs accessible and compliant.

Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office
In this course, accessibility expert Glenna Shaw shows how to make accessible Office documents in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Glenna goes through the essential steps of creating documents that are accessible to all.

ePub Accessibility using InDesign
In this course, learn how to create cleaner, more accessible ebooks using Adobe InDesign. Instructor Laura Brady provides a thorough introduction to EPUB accessibility, going over key principles, techniques, and tools that can help you manipulate InDesign to boost a book’s accessibility.

Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning
In this course, Oliver Schinkten explores how to modify your classroom and online instruction to accommodate students with special needs. Find out about the different types of disabilities and challenges students may face, and learn how to use assistive technologies such as screen readers and closed captioning, incorporate visual and auditory cues into teaching, and encourage students to seek the learning supports that will help them succeed.