The University of Chicago is utilizing Siteimprove as its enterprise tool to assist site owners, web developers, designers, and content editors with identifying and remediating accessibility issues discoverable via automation.

Keyboard and screen reader testing should be used to find and remediate issues discoverable via manual testing. Visit the CDA Get Started page to learn more.


Siteimprove provides a suite of web-based tools that regularly scans websites. It detects and reports on issues that affect accessibility, content quality, search engine optimization, and more. Siteimprove’s web accessibility tools enable you to easily:

  • Find and fix accessibility issues using the WCAG 2.1, AA guidelines
  • Set priorities for addressing accessibility issues
  • Schedule reports and track improvement over time
  • Help ensure conformance with UChicago’s Digital Accessibility Policy

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Request Onboarding

Access to Siteimprove is managed by the Center for Digital Accessibility. Your site must meet certain criteria and be registered in the UChicago Website Registry before it can be added to the platform. If your site is not registered, please visit the UChicago Website Resource Center to add it.

To initiate a Siteimprove onboarding conversation for your site, please open a ticket with the CDA via the ITS Service Portal. For each site, we will need at least one site owner or main contact, known as the UChicago Site Admin, and any additional users who should also have access. Site admins will have additional permissions including the ability to re-crawl their entire website, schedule reports for others, and create dashboards. Site admins should be UChicago community members; vendors should be users.

User Permissions

Permission UChicago Site Admin Basic User
Recheck single pages/pdfs
Re-crawl own groups
Schedule Reports for myself
Re-crawl entire website
Schedule Reports for other users
Manage, Create Dashboards
Manage Groups
Enable CMS plug-ins
Manage integrations

The CDA must add or update users in the system. Please contact us through the IT Service Catalog for your user access needs.


UChicago Siteimprove users have access to a number of interactive tutorials and free Siteimprove Academy courses that cover how to use the tool as well as accessibility, analytics, and SEO best practices.


For digital accessibility questions or to request user access to Siteimprove, please open a ticket with the CDA via the ITS Service Portal. For technical questions or support related to Siteimprove itself, please follow the Help Center link within the SIteimprove platform.

Chrome Extension

The Siteimprove Accessibility Checker is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you check any webpage, multi-step form, dynamic content, or non-public page for accessibility issues. All analysis is done entirely within the browser, which means you can securely check password-protected pages, too.