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Equidox is a cloud-based PDF remediation software solution that helps users convert inaccessible PDFs into accessible PDF, HTML, and EPUB 2 formats. Your content team can use Equidox via the browser, from any major platform, without needing a license for Acrobat Pro to:

  • Remediate documents more quickly and simply than remediating with Acrobat Pro
  • Take advantage of Smart Detection features and machine learning to automatically detect and tag certain content types, such as tables and lists
  • Create accessible files without having access to source documents (although remediation is easier if the source documents were created in an accessible way)

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This platform is not intended for documents that contain restricted data, as defined by the University’s Data Classification Guidelines. Any questions about sensitive or restricted data should be directed to ciso@uchicago.edu.

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Access to Equidox is managed by the Center for Digital Accessibility. To request access, please email digitalaccessibility@uchicago.edu.


UChicago Equidox users have access to a number of tutorials that cover how to use the tool.


Please email digitalaccessibility@uchicago.edu if you have any questions or need assistance.