Surveys & Forms


When creating surveys, follow the accessibility guidelines for content creators and consult the following resources:

  • Qualtrics Survey Accessibility – Build accessible surveys using accessible question types and themes. Check for accessibility compliance using ExpertReview.
  • Qualtrics Simple Layout – Using the Simple Layout is a great place to start creating an accessible survey.


When creating web forms, follow the accessibility guidelines for content creators and developers. Specific accessibility considerations for this type of content include:

Label all fields

All form fields must have a meaningful label. In addition, to be fully accessible, labels must:

  • Be programmatically associated with their field.
  • Be visible at all times.
  • Be in close proximity to their field.

Provide clear instructions

To help users avoid making errors before they happen, it is important that clear instructions are provided to users. When writing instructions:

  • Clearly communicate a field’s limitations (i.e. required formatting, character limits, etc.).
  • Clearly identify required form fields.
  • Ensure all instructions are available to assistive technologies.

Perform effective validation

Handling errors is an important part of form accessibility. When validating a form, be sure to:

  • Communicate validation errors that prevent form submission.
  • Communicate a successful submission.
  • Display clear error messages in context and provide specific instructions on how to fix the error.
  • Style error messages differently from regular labels so they can be easily identified.
  • Ensure all error messages are visible and available to assistive technologies.