Data Visualization

To create accessible data visualizations, follow the accessibility guidelines for content creators and developers. Some accessibility considerations are particularly important for this type of content:

Ensure keyboard accessibility

  • Some users can’t or don’t use a mouse, so all interactive elements must be reachable and actionable via keyboard only.
  • There must be a visible focus indicator to show where a user is when using a keyboard to navigate.
  • The order when using a keyboard for navigation should match the visual order.

Consider color

  • Sufficient color contrast must exist for text and interactive elements against the background.
  • Color alone should not be used to convey meaning
    • Use secondary indicators like labels or symbols in addition to color in charts, graphs, etc.

Include appropriate alternative text for all non-decorative images

Other considerations

  • Embed your accessible dashboard on an accessible webpage
  • Provide a link to underlying data and a text interpretation if the dashboard has accessibility challenges. The text summary should convey the same insights as the visuals. The summary needs to be updated whenever the data changes significantly.
  • Include titles and captions for each chart